Crash Docker desktop in XCP-NG virtual debian

Has anyone managed to run Docker desktop in vm debian or ubuntu,
on XCP-NG XEN server? I follow the procedures, I check the depedencies several times. Everything works… docker… docker compose… portainer.
Until I click on the Docker desktop icon, to start Docker desktop. Shoot down…hard reset…Docker desktop “kill” linux in vm.
First on debian, then tried on ubuntu. Same… shoot down.

It says that it works normally in virtualization.
So don’t be lazy, I’m installing debian in VMWARE.
Docker… compose… portainer… “hello word” works…
Docker desktop starts, there is no hard reset, but it is “stopped working”.
Clearly, because there is no nested virtualization, so kvm cannot be started.
But the test showed that on VMWARE Docker desktop does not crash the system.

Now the question is, is the problem Docker desktop for linux, or XCP-NG Xen server.

Happy New Year…

I have no idea why Docker Desktop would not run on XCP-NG.

Though, why would you prefer Docker Desktop over docker-ce (if Docker should be used as container engine or Swarm as container orchestrator) or k3s (if Kubernetes should be used as a container orchestrator) on a hypervisor aimed to run 24/7?

If you really intend on running Docker Desktop on XCP-NG, I would suggest asking in a Xen-Forum, as the chance to find someone that runs XCP-NG and Docker Desktop on it are magnitudes higher there, than here.

Happy New Year!

It sounds like you have Docker CE running and you want to manage Docker CE using Docker Desktop. These are completely independent except that Docker Desktop installs the Docker client from the repository of Docker CE, but not the daemon.

Maybe I am wrong and this was not your intention, but I don’t understand why you would click on the Docker Desktop icon after you have a working Docker, Docker Compose and Portainer.

@meyay is right too. I didn’t even know what XCP-NG was.

I would check the system logs to look for the reason (journalctl, dmesg, syslog).