Crashed my computer

Expected behavior

load normally, start working

Actual behavior

loaded bar icon, computer froze , restarted


pinata unique id: 7AE2F359-64A6-4B39-B199-76E171426EE8

  • the output of:
    • pinata diagnose -u on OSX
    • DockerDebugInfo.ps1 using Powershell on Windows
  • a reproducible case if this is a bug, Dockerfiles FTW
  • page URL if this is a docs issue or the name of a man page
  • host distribution and version ( OSX 10.10.x, OSX 10.11.x, Windows, etc )

Steps to reproduce the behavior

I can only tell you what I did:

  1. try to install docker beta, get message about virtual box under the required version
  2. install virtual box 5.x
  3. install docker beta
  4. start docker beta, get the pop up, computer freezes and reboots