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Create a web server with Ubuntu 18.04 and an Amazon AWS [solved]


(Dockergi) #1

I’m doing a course of internet applications and I need a linux server on which to place my applications made with IntelliJ.
I want to run the applications locally with IntelliJ, test them and then publish them online.
I got a VPS on the AWS site with Ubuntu 18.04 (EC2 service).
My first tutorial contains only jsp pages (no database).
The future exercises that I will have to do instead will also contain databases. In the future I will have to use this image:
Can you help me?
In order to transfer my .war files to the VPS, I need an FTP or SFTP connection, right?
I have to install a service like Proftpd, Vsftpd, Pureftpd or can I use Docker EE for this too?
Without FTP and without a software like FileZilla or similar programs I do not know how to transfer my .rar file to the server.
If I’m in the wrong position of the forum, inform me.
See you soon and thanks

Turn my pc into a web server [solved]
(Dockergi) #2

I started installing Docker EE on Ubuntu but I have some questions:
1. What should I write in "<DOCKER-EE-URL>"? Which URL do you recommend?
2. Is "<DOCKER-EE-URL>" the location of my dockerfile? Which URL do you recommend?
3. <YOUR_VERSION> is the docker version I want to use? What should I put this variable?
4. What is the GPG key and what is it for?
5. If I try to install docker-ee with (sudo apt-get install docker-ee) I get this error:
"Unable to locate package docker-ee".
6. Can I have a simpler example of installation?
Thank you

(Dockergi) #3

Can I kindly know if the DOCKER-EE-URL variable is free or not?
How can I get it?
Why you do not answer me?
thank you

(Dockergi) #4

Why do not I get an answer?
Is Docker EE free?
How do I get DOCKER-EE-URL?
A forum member told me that EE docker is free. Is it true or false?

(Jonathan Hardison) #5

@dockergi couple answers for you here.

Is Docker EE free? No, EE (Enterprise Edition) is the paid version. There is a free trial of it, but this is not the droids you are looking for.

How do I get Docker-ee-url? Sign up for the trial, and it will be at the end of the repo URL that shows in your account. Again, this is not the path you want, but for transparency, that’s where you wil get it.
Specifically you’ll see it off Docker Hub under your profile icon, my content. Then select the edition trial you signed up for.

How do I get docker for free? You want the CE edition if installing on a Linux server, Desktop if on a desktop, or if on Windows 2016 the basic EE license is included.
For Ubuntu:
This will walk you through adding the repo, some basic required files, then installing docker-ce.

With that said, there is also an available CloudFormation for AWS you can deploy instead that has docker CE already setup. The googles has information on that, and Dockers documentation site above does too. Just go to the cloud section.

With all that said, your original request is a bit gray for an answer. But I think we can pull back a bit and focus on some IntelliJ examples and docs.

Check out this for some guides on doing intellij web applications inside a container:

Moving your image to a remote server can be accomplished many ways, find what works best for your workflow. This being an educational experiment, there is not issue just publishing the image on Docker Hub and pulling it to your server. The link above will cover that as well for an educational run. You don’t need to use FTP software or the like, this process is built into Docker and just needs a registry to pull from. (Of which there are free ones available.)

Doing things in production requires more effort though, in the sense that you would want to automate as much as possible, add gates and checks for how things get to prod, where you publish the image (or if you even do) and if it requires security scanning. etc. etc. This is where Docker EE can step in for an org, it has a lot of powerful features and enables you to run either swarm mode or as a kubernetes cluster. (or both in the same management layer.)

But this is outside the scope of where you are right now. Spend some time reading over the intellij link and it should help get you pointed in a direction. It also covers your local modifications to the IDE to enable support.

Good luck.

(Dockergi) #6

I was sure Docker EE was paid but a forum writer wrote that I was wrong so I tried to install the program on my VPS.
In this case I’m happy to install and use Docker CE on my PC.
Thank you very much for your reply.
You are really beautiful!
Thank you very much