Created an Org, unable to add members

I was able to create (and pay for) a Docker Organization; however, when I go to the Organization tab or any Team view, there is no Add Member button that is reference in support docs. I do see several 503 API responses when looking at devtools.

Also, the org doesn’t appear under my “billing” tab. I have received the receipt email confirming payment for a Team annual plan. It has been this way for 4 days.

Is my account broken or is there another way to add members?

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This is a community forum, and I belive you will get a better response if you contact Docker directly

Did you solve it?
I have similar issue: my Add Member button is greyed out in the Organization page.
I’m the owner btw.
If I go to owner team page, the Add Member button is clickable. But after filling in the details. It just returned. HTTP 400 bad request.