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Creating an organization

(Stephen Pope) #1


If a create an organization inside the Docker cloud will that mess with current account, stacks, services, containers, or docker hub account? my docker hub account is NOT currently an organization.

(Stephen Pope) #2

Bump. Any thoughts on this Docker cloud staff?

(Ryan Kennedy) #3

@popestepheng When creating a new organization in Docker Cloud, the organization will have its own resources including repositories, nodes and node clusters, containers, services, and service stacks, just as if it was a normal user account.

You can also convert an existing account into an organization. By doing so, you will no longer be able to log in to the account and existing automated builds will be migrated. Note: the account conversion process cannot be undone.

Check out the docs for more info on Teams & Organizations.

(Stephen Pope) #4

Thank you so much Ryan!