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Creating users (non LDAP/AD), organizations and teams and applying permissions in bulk

(Srandey) #1

Hi, we are trying to plan for a production scale docker data center. We have an application for software distribution which already has user management module. So, we have thousands of users in it. As it is very troublesome to create these many users manually using UI, We are planning to use the same user base details which are already existing in our database and feed them them to UCP or DTR using CLI. Is there any api option available to run bulk upload script to create users, organizations and teams and apply permissions for user using CLI?

These users details are not in LDAP/AD. These are our application specific customers.

Searched in the net but couldn’t able to find one. Please help.

(Patrick Devine) #2

There is no “bulk create” per se, however you can programmatically create users through the API which is doc’d here: (specifically POST /enzi/v0/accounts).

One caveat is that the endpoints are subject to change in the future.

(Srandey) #3

Thanks Patrick!! This is helpful