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Cron Schedule for Docker Cloud


(Sven Müller) #1


I’m currently evaluating this solution for scheduling task execution:

I’ve tried the provided simple example (see stack file in the git repo) but i’m running into the following issue:

Timeline error for “test” service:
ERROR: Service cannot be started in current state RunningERROR: Service Start action on ‘test’ (using ‘alpine:latest’) has failed

The cloud-cron service tries to start the service “test” after given time, but since it is still in status “running”, the request fails. In the UI, the test service/container is still running, but when looking at the underlying host, the container did propery exit with status 0.

  • Why does the service/container in the UI still “running” although the underlying container on the host did exit with 0 already?
  • Is there another solution for scheduling task in Docker Cloud?