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Custom deployment strategy in docker cloud

(Zh99998) #1

sometimes I want to specific node or cluster, for example:

  • a http download service will cause lot of traffic then I prefer deploy it in cheaper DigitalOcean, and website deploy in Amazon AWS for better network quality.
  • a service is mainly faced to Chinese users then I want to deploy it in some my own nodes in China.

I can’t find any way to do it, just get Emptiest/HA/Every, seems they all not works.

(Geoff Bowers) #2

Sounds like you are after deployment tags.

Deployment tags are used to target the deployment of services to a specific set of nodes. You can specify one or more tags to nodes and services. Tags specified to node clusters are automatically assigned to nodes within that cluster. Services with tags will be deployed to nodes that match all tags assigned to that service.