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Custom instance setup commands

(Pete Miller) #1

I’d like to be able to mount an NFS share (using the AWS EFS) on each host, that I can then use for volumes in containers. Is there ability to customize the user-data script that will be run when each host is run, or otherwise run a mount command on each instance startup?

(Ken Cochrane) #2

That currently isn’t supported, but we hope to add support for attaching extra volumes, and custom AMI’s in the future.

(Pete Miller) #3

Thanks. Just to be clear, I want to mount 1 or more NFS shares on all hosts, and for different containers, bind different folder paths within those mounts. AWS EFS has been good so far for this purpose on ECS.

(Esko Luontola) #4

Is there any progress on this one? I’m interested in using NFS shares from containers (through a volume plugin or by binding a host directory).