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DAB and experemental docker 1.12

Hey guys,

First of all thank you for such excellent product. We are evaluating
DAB, docker 1.12 experimental and docker compose 1.9.

Our goal is to create different stacks, for example:
infra_stack, product_stack, other_stack. And then, infra_stack should create:
volumes, databases and networks. Next, other stacks should take these services
and continue with its tasks. In addition I would like to know if I can scale
the services passing parameters to the DAB.

We are struggling to do the following things:

Create external named
volume and attach it. Using external: true and docker volume create …. – seems to
be not working

The same applies to attach
external network – seems to be not working

When we create a Stack it
adds its name as a prefix to all services and networks.

Can I use DAB to scale the
service(s)? Something like “docker service create” does? Is any available
option out there?

Thanks a lot,

Basically, Docker 1.13 solves at least two of our problems: named volumes and external networks.