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Db2 image - db2start failing for non-root user

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy db2 image along with my script which help to create tables after db2 engine started using db2start


from db2image/10…

RUN usermod -a -G wheel db2inst1 &&
su - db2inst1 -c ‘db2start &&’

CMD [“db2start”]

The above script works fine in my local setup.

But when deploying to cloud I am getting privilege’s access exception as wheel group is not supported in cloud due to security limitation.

I am trying to modify dockerfile without su - command.

Getting exception message “db2start command not found” when executed below cmd. Can you help to correct my scripts…


from db2image/10…

USER db2inst1

RUN “”

CMD [“db2start”]
cd /home/db2inst1/