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Ddocker push - retrying fordocker push - retrying forever


(Dieter Menne) #1

I have been using Docker hub/cloud successfully for over a year now, but after some recent change (mine?) I can no longer upload.

After a sucessful login (Windows 10, 17.09.0-ce-win33, 13620)

docker push dmenne/gastro-docker:cran_0_4_0
The push refers to a repository []
xxxxxx: Retrying in x seconds
xxxxxx: Retrying in x seconds
xxxxxx: Retrying in x seconds
xxxxxx: Retrying in x seconds

(Stevencohn) #2

Hi, ever find a fix for this? I’m seeing the same thing trying to push a Linux (LCOW) container. Even after the push command fails and stops, dockerd continue to try in the background forever. A system prune won’t event stop it. Only reinstalling Docker for Window and manually deleting the cache folder will stop it.

(Dieter Menne) #3

I gave up using Docker cloud. Emails to the provider were never answered. I have not even managed to close my account there, it is left orphaned because there is no “close” functionality.

The reason I had used Docker cloud with build on my own system was timeout in Docker Hub builds. I managed to reduce the build time by creating a base system and a derived one (see Docker Hub, dmenne), and build on Hub now works.