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Deny team members permission to view other Members of the team


When we add a member to a team with read-only access, the member can see the list of all other members in the team.

Does anyone know of a way to avoid this. To allow someone read-only access to repository but not be able to see who else has access to the docker repository.

All replies appreciated!


Team owners can create teams unless they’ve been restricted from doing so. Permissions to create teams below.
2 An owner can turn off these items at the team level, in which case members would not have access to them.
3 After adding a member to a team, an owner can also promote a member to owner status. It is also possible for an owner to demote their own status to a member.
4 Team members can add other members to a public team.
5 While a team member can’t directly add members to a private team, they can request someone to be added to a team they’re already a member of. When a member requests someone to be added to a team, team owners receive an alert that they have a pending request that they can accept or deny.