Deploy docker registry

i’ve tried this but when i run
$ docker run -d
-p 5000:5000
–name registry
it could be: WARNING: could not open file '\etc\apt\sources.list\dpdg.list
is anyone have idea how to deploy (e.g : git) in docker registry?


So, step-by-step, can you pull the registry?

docker pull registry:2

If that works, then in our shop, we run the registry this way:

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart always --name registry -v /mnt/docker/registry:/var/lib/registry registry:2

Which is essentially what you have, except we have a mount point for where the registry will store images. We have never had a problem with this running. We use both CentOS and RedHat hosts.

Your warning appears to indicate that the sources.list file on your (Ubuntu/Debian?) host might be missing… Is that the case?

Once you have it running, I suppose I’m a little confused by your next question. Are you wanting to run a central git repository in the container, or a git client? So far i have only found an image for gitlab on Docker Hub My experience with GitLab has not been positive in the past, but it definitely costs less cash than Stash or Bitbucket (which we use), but costs a lot in time.