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Deploy to WebLogic server in my Host using Docker container


(Indikaatukorala) #1


I want to deploy Java app using a docker container to WebLogic server in my Linux Server. But I can’t get thing out from Docker container to my Host layer which currently running WebLogic server. Anyway to copy thing from Docker layer to Host layer?


(David Maze) #2

That sounds like you want to set up a Dockerfile to build an image containing an app server (or based on a prebuilt image with your app server) and your bundled application, and every time the application changes, re-run the docker build. That will give you a new image you can deploy.

(Or you can start a container and docker cp files out, but that sounds like a very roundabout deployment method to me.)

(Indikaatukorala) #4

Thanks David for reply. Actually we have Already installed WebLoigc servers in our servers. So what we need to do is bundle our application and create a image and deploy it. But the thing is I can not access my Host layer from docker container.

I think you got the question correctly and yes cp will not do the correct way. in the Dockerfile I can put deploy scripts.

(David Maze) #5

I’m confused. What’s in Docker? What’s on the host? (The process you’re describing sounds like deploying a .war file on to an app server, not deploying a Docker container; both the application server and the application would need to be in the same container in a typical Docker setup, and neither would be on the host.)

(Indikaatukorala) #7

Thanks Davis. Got the idea. So everything in the same place. The approach i used is seems wrong.

(Madisonquinn) #8


WebLogic Server 12.2.1 is now certified to run on Docker containers. install images and Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 domain images. These images are built as an extension of existing Oracle Linux images Oracle Linux Images.

A topology which is in line with the “Docker-way” for containerized applications and services consists of a container designed to run only an administration server containing all resources, shared libraries and