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Deployment Strategy for Multi Application .NET 4 Environment


We are trying to develop infrastructure for containers for our .NET 4 applications. Some application range from 4.0 to 4.7.2; MVC2 thru MVC5.

Our current configuration is that we run a single site (;

  • Under it run ~60 applications (,, etc)
  • Each application run under their own app pool
  • Each application runs under it’s own AD user to connect to network resources (SQL DB cluster, NAS shares). * Most applications use Shibboleth for authentication
  • Some applications use virtual directories configured with NAS shares.

In an effort to standardize builds, we pulled the, then customized if via a dockerfile (adding Windows Features, MVC2-4, MS Visual C++ Redists, Web Deploy 3.6, Shibboleth, etc).

From this build (pplications:ucwebapps-sitebase) we plan to build each application so that they all run as seperate containers. We also have 4 environments, Dev, QA, Scan, and Production.

Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated.