Detailed explanation of how docker swarm does load balancing, networking, scaling, service discovery, security

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I would like to have a clear and precise explanation of how docker swarm does load balancing, networking, scaling, service discovery, security, etc. In short, all orchestration operations.
I just want the details not the commands.

So you basically want a summary of what can be found in the official documentation, instead of reading the documentation yourself?

Let’s see if someone actually provides what you are looking for.

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No, it’s not in the official documentation. in the doc it’s brief, except I would like explanations on how the different components do so that there is load balancing, network mose,…

Your question is just too general. You asked for detailed explanation about almost everything yet you have sent your question with a title and content in your native language on an English forum in a wrong topic. You have to do more work for learning containers and Docker. If you have a specific question, we can help, but I doubt that anyone will start to explain what they have learnt for months at least, and if you really want detailed explanation, then probably more. The documentation in fact contains almost everything, but as a documentation it won’t always tell you the technical details only what you need to know to use the software. A detailed explanation could also mean an entire book. You can try to find one on O’Reilly for example and search for free contents from bloggers, youtubers, but even then you will find probably one or two topics in one post or video, because it is impossible to talk about everything in details in a short time and a long time is probably not for free. We all have to do our research to be experts.

I moved the topic to General discussion (The question has nothing to do with Docker Hub) and used Google translate to translate the topic title If you start learning and have a specific question because there was something you didn’t understand in a blogpost, you can create a new topic. Please, focus on one question in order to actually get an answer and write it in English. Most of us are not native English speakers, but this helps everyone to learn around the world.