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Difference between Swarm and UCP

I understand that UCP is installed as a containerised micro-services app on top of the Docker EE engine. Eventually, it forms a Swarm cluster. Here, I am trying to understand more differences between Swarm and the UCP. Can anyone help me get more differences between these two?

Just out of curiousity: what ressources did you read so far and what specificly made you come to your conclusion?

I am unable to find good resources so that is the reason I have posted here. Would you be able to help me on this?
Btw, I haven’t concluded anything. I was saying that based on the diagram i.e. the architecture I followed:

Basicly UCP is what brings the extended Docker Enterprise features to the table. UCP requires Swarm to run it’s components as swarm services. UCP provides a Kubernetes integration and has RBAC for Swarm and Kubernetes deployments and way more. You might want to read the current set of pages about Docker Enterprise and navigate thru the sub pages and read them.