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[Digital Ocean]- Not able to create node cluster

(Sunnyktyagi) #1

I have created a new account on digital ocean and added my bill information there successfully. I am able to launch a droplet on digital ocean, but when I want to create a new Node cluster on Docker cloud, it is asking me billing details again.
I have applied $20 coupon to my digital ocean account and i have credit available in my digital ocean account.
Is this a known problem and how do I fix this issue ?


(Knpwrs) #2

I am having the same issue. It appears that the Docker Cloud client is attempting to reach out to the Digital Ocean API with my Docker Cloud username as a parameter. My Docker Cloud username is not my account name at Digital Ocean, so naturally this fails. I think it’s kind of crazy that this has been going on since April with no fix.

The account listed in Docker Cloud for Digital Ocean is correct, it’s just not making the proper requests.

(Fernando Mayo) #3

@knpwrs what do you mean Docker Cloud is using your username? Where are you seeing that?

(Knpwrs) #4

My mistake, I thought this URL said DigitalOcean in it. Regardless, there are still a lot of errors in the console whenever I try to deploy. There are no errors in the UI other than a message telling me to verify my payment information at Digital Ocean – I’ve been a paying customer there for a few years now, so I doubt that’s the problem. Nothing looks out of place when I click the link provided in the UI.

(Fernando Mayo) #5

@sunnyktyagi you are getting a billing information prompt because you already have 1 node deployed, which is the free tier of Docker Cloud. If you want to manage more than one node, you will need to add your billing information and you will be charged (

@knpwrs you can safely ignore that error in the console. I don’t see any deployment failures in DO in your account. Can you provide more details?