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DigitalOcean droplets created by DockerCloud don't have SSH keys


(Valkyriestudios) #1

When creating a droplet manually on DigitalOcean, it gets the SSH keys that are configured for that team/account added to the authorized_keys for that system. However, the droplets that are automatically created by docker cloud don’t have these SSH keys added to them.

A possible workaround is to manually login through the web-based console and add the ssh keys manually ( which is a bit of a tedious process ), which in the spirit of scaleability and automation isn’t really the preferred solution.

Is there a better solution to do this? Or is this a bug in the integration between docker cloud and digital ocean ?

(Ograhl) #2

Could you use dockercloud/authorizedkeys?

(Valkyriestudios) #3

I’ll try starting a droplet or two with this tomorrow to see if that works, thanks for the link ograhl ! :slight_smile:

It’s still not the ‘perfect’ way to go though, it’s the way the setup is, when running a node cluster, every node will be a different droplet on digitalocean, but those nodes are automatically created by docker cloud and are not really setup through for example a stack file. They’re managed by docker cloud.

So i fear that dockercloud/authorizedkeys won’t work. But i’ll try :smiley: