Disable docker md5sum with custom image

I’m trying to modify a public image, and create a new image with my changes, but when I try to run a container with my new custom image it triggers a md5sum and deletes some of my changes, is it possible to disable the md5sum?

May I ask how you modified the public image?

FROM public-image:latest

COPY . /dir

RUN sh my-script.sh

my-script.sh is to copy files to different locations, one of the files I modify is constants.json but it triggers the md5sum and reverts the changes.


Extending a base image is the way to go. Though, there is something in your base image that reliese on md5 values. You need to understand where this mechanism is located and where the expected md5 checksums are stored. When replacing files, you will need to replace the expected md5 values as well.

It is safe to say this is no a docker problem. It is a problem introduced by something in the base image.

Due to the level of provided details, I won’t be able to help you.

Turns out the image I was using is based on confd, this is a management tool that can be configure to do md5sum in configurarion files, I just deleted the original configuration files from the confd folder