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Disable swarm mode

(Marcinw) #1

Hi there, you seem to be switching swarm mode on for new users (or even old users with no services running) and organizations without a way to opt out. Please kindly allow switching that off.

I sincerely hope this is a bug and not your new way of treating long-time customers?

(Danielagave) #2


We were about to deploy a new project and the standard mode is suddenly not available. We are on a tight schedule so it’s not very nice having to stop everything to learn this new feature. I sent a ticket on Friday requesting access to the standard mode for this new organization.

(Ryan Kennedy) #3

@marcinw @danielagave Thanks for the feedback - if you would like access to Standard Mode, please send a request to

Note: Swarm Mode is now the default user interface for new Docker Cloud users. If you are already a Docker Cloud user and have previously created Stacks, Services, Containers in Standard Mode, you will still have access to existing legacy features for managing services and node clusters. You also have the option to switch to the Beta Swarm Mode. When Swarm Mode is enabled, Swarm management replaces node cluster management features. Check out the docs for more info.

(Marcinw) #4

Email sent, I hope I get a response sooner than the last time around (> 3 weeks, with a question ‘is it still happening?’). I honestly can’t understand how you guys can disregard your customer base like this - making a “product” with literally zero UI and barely any documentation not only the default, but also impossible to turn off.

(Henriquebf) #5

How is it possible to make the “Standard Mode” already a legacy, if this “Swarm Mode” is still in beta? Not even the pricing has been defined yet! There is something really wrong happening here.

(Vyacheslav Voronchuk) #6

Personally I was pretty happy with using “Standard Mode”, new swarm mode is too limited in selection of hosting providers, I’m not interested to use neither AWS nor Azure.

(Vladmihuta) #7

This means that suddenly we cannot use anymore Digitalocean as cloud provider. We have spent some time getting our stack approved by our clients, and now we have to change it again. Thank you, you’ve just lost a client.

(John Thayer) #8

Extraordinarily dissatisfied with your choice of making Swarm Mode default. When Swarm Mode is in beta this is inexcusable. Beyond that, it should be an account setting. We have no plans to use Swarm Mode. If “Standard Mode” goes away or stops being supported, you will almost certainly loose our business.

(J3st3r666) #9

“When Swarm Mode is enabled, Swarm management replaces node cluster management features”.
I have some fear on how that migration process is going on. In fact, it seems that currently, if we enable Swarm mode, we loose all UI functionalities such as stackfiles management, services and so on. At the end, the whole left menu is gone (we find it very useful!!).
Are you either going to deliver a UI with the same functionalities in compare with the current non-swarm-mode UI or are you offering a CLI-based service for configuring Swarms in the future?
How long will be the legacy non-swarm-mode available? I’ve started my infrastructure desing on that platform. Currently I’m working on a legacy platform with no choice of using the proposed swarm-mode platform (which is in BETA) because the new one doesn’t cover the old one functionalities from a UI point of view. This is unconfortable. Also, I also cannot understand how a platform can be declared as legacy if the new proposal is still BETA. I don’t catch where the stable version is.
Thank you for your time.

(Kevin Schmidt) #10

I followed a tutorial for setting up a CD workflow using the Docker Cloud in Standard Mode… seems I can only use the Swarm Mode in BETA… very disappointing.

Having no stable version available does not really sound like software engineering best practices.

(Henriquebf) #11

I have sent my email requesting to enable the Standard Mode in one new Organisation within my account, as you suggested. Did not get any response. I’m getting into serious problems since I should have delivered some production settings for my client. Can someone give me a help on this?

(Kickingthetv) #12

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve enabled Standard Mode for all accounts. For more information about the future of Standard and Swarm mode, we just shared this post: Docker Cloud Swarm Mode (Beta) Update

(Sgcwmi) #13

I’m rather new to Docker and Docker Cloud and actually following a tutorial in Standard Mode which I find much MUCH more understandable and user friendly than this Swarm mode everyone complains about.

When I first logged in today to follow the tutorial instructions, I could switch between Swarm and Standard modes. I then used BitBucket and Docker Hub to create an automated build on pushed code so it’s deployed automatically. Back to Docker Cloud to create my Stack, I’m no longer able to disable Swarm mode, so I’m stuck with it, unable to pursue the tutorial, unable to do anything further.

When I click the Swarm mode switch in Docker Cloud, it says it’s “leaving Swarm mode” and the UI just comes back to Swarm mode as I had never clicked this switch. This is very frustrating!..

(Stacklikemind) #14

I’m having exaclty the same issue.

Yesterday I created my first stack in Standard mode. Today I’m logging in and are automatically redirected to the Swarm mode.

Also the toggle for Swarm mode is gone!

Anything one can do about this?

(Optilimo) #15

I’m having the same issue, can’t switch back to standard. Can’t even redeploy the app, this should be an urgent issue to address by the Docker team

(Stacklikemind) #16

I got the answer here:

Standard mode is gone.

(Optilimo) #17

Ugh, ok, well I guess I’ll be moving my apps somewhere else then. Shame, since I really liked docker standard