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Disabling legacy docker cloud autoredeploy (now causing errors b/c docker cloud shut down)


(Pukkasoftware) #1

We have a slack integration with Docker Hub that notifies us on builds of our images. It was also configured to notify on deploy back when Docker Cloud was a hosting service (on our AWS infrastructure).

Although we have disable/migrated all of our docker cloud hosted applications, Docker Cloud is still trying to build and deploy the images to the old infrastructure which, of course, results in failures:

client: Service Redeploy (autoredeploy on push)
ERROR: Service Redeploy (autoredeploy on push) action on ‘client’ (using ‘pukkasoftware/msr-accommodation-client:latest’) has failed

This happens every time we push to our Bitbucket repo.

We DO want the autobuild to happen (although oddly, autobuild is not actually configured in the new Docker Hub/Cloud config for that repo)

We DO NOT want the autoredeploy to now-defunct docker cloud to happen (since it throws errors and doesn’t work).

I’ve attached what the error looks like in Slack (the URL goes to and is a 404). We want the first successful notification but not the two errors about non-existent deploy targets.


How can we disable this autoredeploy functionality for a legacy docker cloud-managed instance?

(Streamitbv) #2

Hi @pukkasoftware,
We are dealing with the exact same problem. Do you already have a solution for it?

Kind regards,

(Pukkasoftware) #3

BWAHAHAHA! Hear anything from Docker? On support?! C’mon… we’re just yelling into the void here…