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Distribution of Docker-CE on a Linux system


Are we allowed to distribute Docker-CE on a Linux system?
On Windows or MAC OS it seems that this is not permitted according to the End User License agreement.
However, I could not find any such licensing restriction for Linux.

That’s why I’m wondering if it’s authorized to ship docker in a Linux VM.

Any clarification will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

You can find the license terms for Docker CE in the LICENSE files in the GitHub repository. Here’s a URL: . If you step down into the cli and engine directories, you’ll find the LICENSE file for each. I am not a lawyer, so you’ll have to read the license for yourself, or consult a professional, and decide yourself.

as far i know Docker ce is open source and free. So one can use which ever way. Its Docker EE which requires lincensing.

and also if your creating distributed docker cluster, read docker swarm it is meant to do that

Thanks! I’ll check that