Do I need to have docker on both digitalOcean droplet and local Windows?

Hello, brand new to docker…
I’m trying to setup a django app on digitalOcean and would like to use Docker. I’m using Windows 10 for my local machine. I’m a little confused as to how to go about this and conceptually how to use Docker…
My digitalOcean env. is Ubuntu 16.04 and has postgresql installed as the backend.
Do I need to install docker on both my digitalOcean droplet and my local Windows machine? I basically want to use all the settings on my digitalOcean droplet on my Windows machine. Thanks!

Yes, you do need Docker for Windows installed on your PC. Once you have this, you should be able to use to docker to connect through ssh to your droplet on Digital Ocean.

What I do is to build my Django app on the local repository and then directly from docker create a droplet with my specs using this command:

docker-machine create --driver digitalocean --digitalocean-size 512mb --digitalocean-image ubuntu-16-04-x64 --digitalocean-region lon1 --digitalocean-access-token=$TOKEN api-token-machine-name

You can change the size and region to suit your taste.

Thanks Jimmy,
I’ve already got my droplet setup on digitalocean. I’ve got docker
installed on Windows but i don’t have it setup. I don’t have to setup
docker on my digitalocean droplet as well do i? I’ve only used virtual
machines before so I’m a little confused how docker works. Thanks

Sadly, you are going to do some reading on containers and then on how Docker works. There is no shortcut.

Set up docker on your machine because that docker will be the one that ‘talks’ to the docker in your droplet. That is how containers work.

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