Docker 17.03.0-ce quaterly or monthly?

As stated in

Starting with this release, Docker is on a monthly release cycle and uses a new YY.MM versioning scheme to reflect this. Two channels are available: monthly and quarterly.
Any given monthly release will only receive security and bugfixes until the next monthly release is available. Quarterly releases receive security and bugfixes for 4 months after initial release

Sorry for the dumb question, but where/how do I check if latest v17.03.0-ce it’s supposed to have quarterly or a monthly support? Will .03, .06, .09 and .12 release have quarterly support?

Wouldn’t it be possible to have an easier access to each channel? eg:

curl -fsSL | sh (not truly an LTS, to be honest)


There was a scheme in a blog post about new versioning scheme … So 17.03 is a quarter release with next to be released in June (17.06) …

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