Docker Application for Production/Application User Manual

We would like to create a Wiki Page for our Projects. What would be the best Docker Image to use?
XWiki or Wiki JS
If we use XWiki do we need to pay any subscription?

There is no “best” Docker image. People can share what they like to use for similar purposes, but many of them would tell you about different “best” images. You can find a software and check if it is available as a Docker image. If it’s not, you can also create yours. For example I don’t know XWiki or Wiki JS, but I used DokuWiki for years when I worked for a Library and needed a common platform for everyone. Later I started to use Sphinx to generate documentations as HTML pages and release them on or just in a local lightweight webserver image.

You don’t need a subscription for a docker image only for the software. If the maintainers of the software say it requires subscription, then it does.

Checking the pricing page of XWiki it seems it has an open source version.

You can also check the description of the images on Docker Hub and look for the licenses.