Docker beta on mac: Refusing to execute/trust quarantined program/file

Expected behavior

No error messages

Actual behavior

Spam in messages.log (every 10 sec):

Jun 14 00:11:46 nazgul xpcproxy[1562]: CFPreferences could not connect to its daemon.
Preferences using the connection 0x0 will be volatile and will not be persisted to disk.
Jun 14 00:11:46 nazgul[1] (com.docker.helper[1562]): Could not find and/or execute program specified by service: 155: Refusing to execute/trust quarantined program/file: com.docker.helper
Jun 14 00:11:46 nazgul[1] (com.docker.helper): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.


Diagnostic ID: 07AF4266-0117-4CCE-B283-57AA41E1BD03
Latest stable OS X

Worth mentioning: it keeps spamming even when docker daemon is shut down.

Steps to reproduce the behavior



Some other forum users had a similar problem, and resolved it by removing some files. Please have a look at this thread on the forum: Launch service cannot find com.docker.helper

You might also try uninstalling any prior version of Docker for Mac and installing the latest public beta to see if the behavior changes.

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I’ve manually removed boot2docker (which was probably the issue) – however it comes back after clean install of Docker for OSX Beta.

This solves the issue: launchctl remove com.docker.helper – but only until you restart Docker

I’ve found the issue is tied to Download Quarantining - which would also explain why removing and re-installing fixed things. Doing the following will remove the Quarantine flag:

xattr -d -r -s /Applications/

and restarting should help you out.

Thanks, is that persistent over updates of Docker ?

Reported as issue here: https://gith
(Had to break the link since the forum won’t allow posting links to github)