Docker build failure

Hi ,
I am trying to execute sensors command (which comes with lm-sensors) utility in docket build.

Below are my docker file contents.

From scratch
Copy ./filefs .
Run sensors

Sensors binary is copied to filefs/usr/bin directory.

I executed strace sensors command in system and found the prerequisite libsensors4.3.2 ,sensors3.conf,/etc/sensors.d,/sys/class/Hwmon,/sys/class/i2c-adapter created in docker file system.

If I execute docker build it fails with error “/bin/sh:/usr/bin/sensors:no such file or directory” “/bin/sh -c sensors : exited with error code 127”

I tried to run sensors-detect command through docker build and for any build errors it clearly mentions which file is missing.

Example:/bin/sh: /usr/bin/sensors-detect: /usr/bin/Perl: no such file or directory

Through above error we fixed the issue by copying missing Perl binary to docker filesystem.

Whereas In case of sensors command build error we are not able to find the root cause for the error.

Can someone help us with this error fix.

Thanks in advance