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Docker CLI: docker compose

I saw in the dockercon keynote that they used docker compose .... Notice the lack of hyphen. Where can I read about this feature? Is docker-compose being integrated into docker cli? Is this a Moby initiative?

while docker-compose is a seperate tool used for single host multi container orchestration, the swarm mode is build in into the engine and cli. It is used for multi host multi container orchestration (see:

You can use docker service create instead of docker run, and docker stack instead of docker-compose. Though, the feature set is not identical. Docker swarm stacks have some additional deployment specific featues, but some other features have been removed (privileged mode, devices, capababilities, and many more). Docker-compose still provides more features to control containers.

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Sorry I made a typo. I meant docker compose ...!

Oh, finaly they integrated it. Hope the next version that actualy support docker compose will be available soon. Nice finding :slight_smile:

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