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Docker Cloud 1.1 Release Notes


(Ryan Kennedy) #1

Docker Cloud Users,

In our latest release, we’ve unveiled a brand new look and feel for Docker Cloud along with Docker Security Scanning, bug fixes, and other improvements!

New User Interface

The new Docker Cloud UI introduces a flatter design that makes it easier to navigate, organize, and access your various objects. We’ve aimed to surface the most important information at a glance, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

**Docker Cloud Security Scanning**

Docker Cloud Security Scanning is now available as an add-on service to Docker Cloud private repositories. When enabled, Docker Security Scanning scans Docker images and their tags, providing a detailed security profile for proactive risk management to help streamline software compliance. For more information, check out Security scanning in Docker Cloud.

**We are so excited about this new feature that we are giving every private repo plan customer an unlimited free trial until August 1st, 2016!**

To try it out, go to Account Settings > Plans and select the checkbox. Once activated, the three most recent tags for each private repo will be scanned and the resulting BOM will be displayed in the tags section within 24 hours. To ensure you stay secure, Docker Security Scanning will continue to scan your image tag every time you push, keeping you abreast of the latest security vulnerabilities automatically.

Try out the new Docker Cloud and share your feedback in the Docker Security Scanning and New UI Forums!

The Docker Cloud Team

(Lizter) #2

When trying to add a Slack webhook in Account settings, I get no feedback from the UI when pressing the connect button.

Reply from endpoint:
{"response": null, "error": "Invalid request"}

PS: My console also shows this a lot:
POST 403 (Forbidden)

I am using Chrome on OSX El Capitan.

(Borja Burgos) #3

Thanks for the feedback lizter, we’re looking into it.

(Kickingthetv) #6