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Docker Cloud 1.3 Release Notes


(Ryan Kennedy) #1

Docker Cloud Users,

We’re pleased to announce an upgrade to Docker Engine 1.11-cs1, an overlay network upgrade, streaming logs of automated builds, and other bug fixes and improvements.

Docker 1.11-cs1 upgrade

New nodes are now provisioned using Docker Engine 1.11-cs1, and you can now upgrade existing nodes. We don’t upgrade your nodes automatically because the containers on the node restart to complete the process, and we want you to be able to choose when this happens.

To upgrade a node, go to the Node Details page and click Upgrade next to the Terminate button. Check out the docs for more info on the upgrade process.

The Docker Cloud overlay network has been upgraded to Weave 1.5.2

This ensures the overlay networking is fully initialized before your containers start up. Check out what’s new in the changelog for Weave 1.5.2.

New! Streaming logs

You can now view log output for automated builds in real time. While an automated build is in progress, click on the build timeline and expand a build node to view the real-time log output.

Numerous bug fixes & improvements based on your feedback!

  • Bigger and bolder timeline actions
  • Slack webhooks fixed in Cloud settings
  • Account Settings page correctly shows the “member since” date
  • Fix for setting bind-mounts permissions for Services
  • Fix for editing initial ports in Service Wizard
  • Updated label style for ports and links in Service Wizard
  • Improved warnings in Service Wizard
  • Default image volumes properly displayed in Container detail and Service detail views
  • Image defaults correctly handled in Service Wizard
  • Fix for adding volumes when no default volumes available
  • Fix for editing build env variables when an existing name is broken
  • Repo “Save and build” now correctly builds new rules
  • Fix for setting source branch/tag in build config
  • Stackfile download now works correctly in Safari
  • Universal Create button now works as expected
  • Memory and Disk settings are now empty for BYON
  • Re-deploying containers refreshes the page correctly
  • OAuth redirection now points back to the Cloud Settings page
  • Redirects are fixed
  • And many others …

Try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-Docker Cloud Team

(Kickingthetv) #5