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Docker Cloud 1.4 Release Notes


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Docker Cloud users,

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Teams & Organizations in Docker Cloud!

You can now create Organizations within Docker Cloud and easily share repositories, infrastructure, and applications with coworkers and collaborators. Add users to teams within an organization and set permission levels to manage access to repositories, infrastructure (nodes and node clusters), and applications (containers, services, and stacks).

Teams and Organizations are currently available as a free preview in Docker Cloud.

Create Organizations

Click Create Organization from the Account Menu dropdown to create a new organization.

Every organization has an Owners team that’s created with the organization. Members of this team can manage the organization settings. To view a list of teams in your organization, click Teams in the left hand navigation.

Create Teams

You add users to your Organizations by adding them to Teams. Create Teams to add users, and also manage access to infrastructure, applications, and repositories.

To create a new team, click Teams in the left hand navigation and then click Create.

Manage Team Access Permissions

You can set permissions on a per-Team basis for the Organization’s runtime resources, and for individual repositories.

See the complete list of Docker Cloud team permissions for more details.

Access existing Organizations in Docker Hub

Any organizations that a user belongs to on Docker Hub now also appear in the Account Menu dropdown in Docker Cloud. Just click on an Organization to start managing Organization access in Docker Cloud.

Convert an individual account to an Organization

Existing individual accounts can also be turned into Organizations. Navigate to the Account Settings page on Docker Hub and click Convert to Organization at the bottom of the page to start the organization conversion process.

Upgrades, Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements to the rendering of the Account Settings card in Safari.
  • The Docker Security Scanning link on the Welcome Screen now works correctly.
  • Published and exposed ports now display different icons so you can tell them apart in the Service detail view.
  • The Service wizard now shows validation errors correctly.
  • The Account Settings page can now list more than 10 API keys.
  • Improved coloring for Stackfile display.
  • The ellipsis button (…) on the Repository Detail page is now the Edit Repository button.

We’re super excited about this release and introducing tools for teams to more easily build, ship, and run Dockerized applications in Docker Cloud.

To learn more about the new Teams & Organizations features, check out the the documentation and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-The Docker Cloud Team

Pricing for Teams and Organisations
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