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Docker Cloud Build - New Updates


(Ryan Kennedy) #1

Docker Cloud Users,

We recently upgraded Docker Cloud’s automated build system to give you faster build scheduling and the ability to run automated builds on Docker Cloud’s infrastructure (currently free while in beta).

Build on Docker Cloud’s Infrastructure

With this update, you can now configure your automated builds to run directly on Docker Cloud’s infrastructure whenever a new automated build is triggered.

Note: If your team is currently using autobuilds, your builds will still run on your own infrastructure unless you edit them.

To set the build location of an automated build, go to your repository and click Edit, then choose an option in the Build location dropdown:

Running automated builds on Docker Cloud’s infrastructure is currently free while in beta, so try it out and give us your feedback!

Note: If you’re a Docker Hub subscriber and have automated builds running on Docker Cloud’s infrastructure, the Automated Build system can run as many builds in parallel as you have private repositories.

For more information on automated builds with Docker Cloud, please visit:

To learn more about automated testing features on Docker Cloud, check out:

Best wishes and better builds,

The Docker Cloud Team

(Gimoh) #2

How does that relate to automated builds in docker hub?

(Marko Ciric) #3

Is there an estimation how long a Docker Cloud Build is going to be in BETA? It would really help organizations and companies to allocate necessary resources to eventually migrate from other CI SaaS services.
Or at least, is there anywhere an estimation of pricing?

(Kickingthetv) #4