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Docker cloud build with AWS EC2 nano instances


(Leidegre) #1

I’m testing out the docker builder feature using AWS nano instances and it works from time to time. These environments have very little RAM and running a Node app in parallel with building doesn’t appear to work (I blame NPM in general), it will timeout after about 7 min while building would normally take about 45 seconds otherwise. If I terminate the container before the build happens it does appear to work.

Maybe I’m just being cheap here but I’d like it if there was a way for me to say, terminate container while building. I’m doing auto-redeploy through GitHub hooks and this is just dev and testing so I’m totally fine if the app is unavailable during builds.

Obviously, adding my own build nodes would be the best choice here but I’d like to give the builder priority during builds. The nano instance is otherwise unresponsive anyway due to the pressure. Does this make sense?

(Geoff Bowers) #2

Cheap like the budgie :bird:

You could try and orchestrate something through the API but better to save your hard earned time and spin up a decent EC2 instance.

(Leidegre) #3

These are just some toy projects I’m hosting for my own personal needs but you’re right. It’s just stupid to run all these things on an EC2 nano instance. I haven’t seen the bills yet but I used to pay about 25 USD for a micro instance.

Another way to view this, is to just view the price as an investment in learning. Which is what I do.