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Docker cloud free roadmap

(4thequeen) #1

Hi there,
I am currently exploring a management tool which will help in auto scaling in two phases:

  • autoscale VMs
  • autoscale Services.

I’m currently using docker swarm for management and also scale services, but the Swarm doesn’t have the ability to scale Services/VMs Docker-Cloud do.
So I found 2 main cluster managment tools - Docker-Cloud and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes gives those abilities for free, But, since it uses docker, I can only assume that docker can do those stuff better/faster when time there is a time for a change/update/bug fix etc.

Since Kubernetes is free, my seems like it is the obvious solution for me, since I am in an Open Source project.
So, I was just wandering, What are the plans of Docker-Cloud regarding some free features? any plans at all?
If there are free Docker-Cloud features, Is there any way that Auto-Scaling VMs is one of them?

Regarding Auto-Scaling VMs, what cloud provides are on the road map?
Is Docker cloud going to support also on-premise clouds using other hypervisors like ESX etc.