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Docker Cloud only exposes port 80 to the internet


(Rafaelfcs) #1

Hi! I’m trying to expose a service to the internet using Docker Cloud, so I started some experiments with the Hello World container, but I cant change the ports exposed. It only works with the port 80.

I created 3 containers:
1 - maps container port 80 to service port 80 - Works like a charm
2 - maps container port 80 to service port 8000 - Does not work
3 - maps container port 80 to dynamic service port - Does not work

Tried using node provider Azure and AWS, same results.

Does anybody can help me?
Thank you in advance!

(Eric Pugh) #2

I;ve seen the same challenge. As far as I know, only port 80 gets exposed!

(Rafaelfcs) #3

Problem was with my connection. For some reason I wasnt able to connect to other ports than 80 from any host. Tried from my phone, it worked!