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Docker Cloud Product Update: 5/30/2017


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Here’s What’s New

We’re excited to announce the latest Docker Cloud updates and automated build enhancements: Selectable Docker Versions, Multi-Stage Builds, and Remote Build Triggers.

Selectable Docker Versions (for Automated Builds)
You can now choose the specific version of Docker to use when building images in an automated repository. Just navigate to Configure Automated Builds and select either Stable or Edge as the Docker version.

Note: Stable includes updates that are released every quarter, while Edge includes new features which are released every month.

Multi-Stage Builds
Docker introduced multi-stage builds (in Docker CE Edge 17.05), which enable dramatically reduced image sizes while keeping Dockerfiles easy to read and maintain. With the introduction of Selectable Docker Versions, we’re also pleased to announce support for multi-stage builds in Docker Cloud.

To take advantage of multi-stage builds, select Edge (17.05.0-ce) as the Docker version of an automated repository.

Alex Ellis (Docker Captain) has put together an example repository that you can use to try out multi-stage builds. In this Golang application (which requires a Golang SDK image), there is a > 266 MB reduction in the final image size with the use of multi-stage builds.

Remote Build Triggers
Finally, you can now add remote build triggers to an automated repository, which allows you to trigger a build programmatically from another application.

To create a new build trigger on an automated repository, select Configure Automated Builds and enter a Trigger Name in the Build Triggers section. Each generated build trigger includes a URL with a token that can be used to trigger a build.

We welcome you to try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-The Docker Cloud Team

Multi-Stage Builds: Coming Soon to Docker Cloud
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