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Docker Cloud Product Update: 5/4/2017


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Here’s What’s New

We’re excited to announce the latest Docker Cloud updates and a number of enhancements to Swarm Mode (Beta), including Microsoft Azure support, selectable Docker CE versions, swarm termination, and VPC configuration support on AWS.

Microsoft Azure Support (Swarm Mode)
When creating new swarms using Docker Cloud (Swarm Mode), you now have the option of deploying on Microsoft Azure. To link Docker Cloud with your Azure account, follow the steps listed in Link Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to Docker Cloud. Once linked, Microsoft Azure will appear on the Swarms -> Create page as a connected service provider.

For more information on creating a new swarm on Microsoft Azure, check out Create a new swarm on Microsoft Azure in Docker Cloud.

Selectable Docker Versions (Swarm Mode)
When provisioning a new swarm using Docker Cloud, you now have the option of selecting which Docker CE version you want to deploy (e.g. 17.03.01-ce stable, 17.04.0 edge).

Swarm Termination (Swarm Mode)
Existing swarms that have been provisioned on AWS and Azure using Docker Cloud can now be terminated through the Docker Cloud UI. Terminating a swarm in Docker Cloud will delete the collection of resources comprising the swarm on the cloud provider. For example, for a swarm provisioned on AWS, all the resources in the AWS stack that are defined in the stack’s CloudFormation template will be terminated. To terminate a swarm, click the “Terminate” option from the drop-down menu on a swarm in the Swarm list view.

Configure existing VPC on AWS (Swarm Mode)
When creating a new swarm on AWS, you can now choose an existing VPC on which to run a swarm. To configure a VPC for a swarm, navigate to the Swarms -> Create page and select “Region Advanced Settings” within the AWS swarm creation flow. For guidance on setting up a VPC, see Recommended VPC and subnet setup in the Docker for AWS topics.

Specifying VPC configuration is currently available when deploying a swarm on AWS using Docker CE Edge.

We welcome you to try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-The Docker Cloud Team

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