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Docker cloud redeployment policy

(Shoppinpaldevops) #1

I was trying to setup a auto deployment through CI for my infra with docker cloud but had following issues

  • can not redeploy existing service with updated image tag with docker cloud trigger/CLI

Then I came across with blog
This will redeploy the updated image with the same tag, but I see following issue with it.

  • If I have to rollback then I can’t because the image is overwritten.

also redeploying the containers in service gets terminated and then new containers get deployed.
this is really bad policy as it causes application downtime.

does anyone have solution for above issues or any roadmap from docker team.

(Geoff Bowers) #2

You might consider the following topics to reduce downtime:

(Shoppinpaldevops) #3

Thanks for pointing me to the above topic. But still they seem to have issue. I would rather wait for docker cloud to become mature to handle this situation. For now I think AWS ECS plays good role.