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Docker Cloud Release Notes (11/16/2016)


(Ryan Kennedy) #1

Docker Cloud Users,

The latest Docker Cloud release is now available, which includes a new Build Report view, usability improvements, and bug fixes based on your feedback.

New! Build Reports

Our new Build Reports show the details and output of your Docker Cloud builds and tests. Each Build Report includes the individual build status (for example Success, Failed, Canceled, In Progress), a link to the source repository, created and finished date/time, and duration (build time and queue time). The build logs are also available from this screen, and update live if the build is in progress.

To view a Build Report, click on a recent build from the Builds tab.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • New Welcome Tour!
  • Official Repositories (which were previously only available from Docker Hub) now appear in the Service Wizard search results
  • The labels on imported registries now correctly display the label as registry name:port instead of host:port.
  • Fixed minor alignment issues in the Container List view
  • Improved the styling of the Node Scale slider to make it more visible
  • Improved the “Change plan” dialog:
    ** Fixed the styling to clarify which plan choice is selected
    ** Display the organization or user namespace that the plan belongs to
  • Reduced the prominence of items that are not selected in the left hand navigation
  • Clarified the “Read & Write” help text on the Team Permissions tab
  • The “last updated” date for each tag on the repository overview now correctly displays the last date pushed, instead of the last scan date.

Try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-Docker Cloud Team

(Ryan Kennedy) #2