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Docker Cloud Release Notes (11/8/2016)


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Docker Cloud Users,

We’re excited to announce our latest Docker Cloud release with enhanced Continuous Integration (CI) features, including support for build caching, build context, and a brand new build activity graph! We’ve also made a number of usability improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback.

Build Caching

Enable Build Caching on individual build rules to speed the testing and development cycle when building projects that have many dependencies which don’t change often.

To learn more about build caching, check out the Docker best practices.

Build Context

You can now specify a path where the builder looks for files to build. Depending on how the files are arranged in your source code repository, the files required to build your images may not be at the repository root. If that’s the case, you can now specify a path where the build looks for the files in the Build Context field.

Check out the docs for more information on using build context.

Build Activity Graph

A new build activity graph is available on the Builds tab. It provides an overview of recent build history for individual repositories in Docker Cloud. It also gives you an at-a-glance summary of recent builds, including execution time and queue time.

Autotest Update

We’ve updated Docker Cloud’s Autotest options to clarify when tests run on branches that you’ve set up build rules for. Now you can choose to test internal pull requests when the pull comes from the same source repository, or test both internal and external pull requests to include when the pull comes from an outside repository (for example a PR from a user’s fork). As always, you can also choose to turn automated testing off.

  • Off: No additional test builds. Tests only run if they’re configured as part of an automated build.
  • Internal Pull Requests: Run a test build for any pull requests to branches that match a build rule, but only when the pull request comes from the same source repository.
  • Internal and External Pull Requests: Run a test build for any pull requests to branches that match a build rule, including when the pull request originated in an external source repository.

Note: When you enable Autotest, Docker Cloud builds an image for testing purposes but does not automatically push the built image to the Docker repository.

BYON Update for Organizations

Before we released Organization support in Docker Cloud, some organizations had set up automated builds that ran on an individual user account’s BYON nodes. When we introduced Organizations we set up a conversion process that migrated repositories and services to the organization’s namespace, but didn’t change the build settings. Now, the next time you save the autobuild settings for a repository in an organization, it will be reconfigured to run on the organization’s nodes.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved the contrast and readability of our page headers
  • Tests in build logs are now color-coded
  • You can now add multiple email addresses to your Docker ID (see your Account Settings)
  • The “Tag Mapping” label has been updated to “Build Rules”
  • The repository’s recent build history is now visible in the Builds tab
  • The UI now provides better prompts and warnings before completing destructive actions
  • Improved the visual cues when multiple organizations appear within account dropdown
  • The Node Detail View now correctly shows the Node Cluster Name
  • Improved warning messages are now displayed when editing the build source
  • Fixed missing layer numbers in scan results on Docker Security Scanning
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Service Wizard from showing errors
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Container Timeline from displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue in the Service Editor that prevented the correct container defaults from appearing when switching tags.
  • The runtime permission descriptions have been updated and improved
  • The UI now shows which Docker ID deployed a node or a cluster
  • The Month/Year field on the billing info page is now an input field
  • Links to the documentation now redirect correctly
  • There are now better explanatory tooltips for: Docker Security Scanning, Services viewed in the Stack list view, Cloud provider account links page
  • And better explanatory icons: Service icon added in Container List view, Icons now appear on Container Detail view, Node Cluster icon now displayed in Node List view, Icons introduced in Node Cluster Detail view

Try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-Docker Cloud Team

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