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Docker Cloud Release Notes (12/16/2016)

(Ryan Kennedy) #1

Docker Cloud Users,

We’re pleased to announce that the latest Docker Cloud release is now available! This release includes the ability to filter the services view, more prominent actions on list views, new repository settings and permissions tabs, faster builds, the ability to specify multiple Docker tags from a single build rule, plus many improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback.

Service filters
Quickly find services by name with the new keyword filters in the Services list view.

Actions on list views
Actions, previously hidden in a dropdown menu, now appear prominently in the stacks, services, containers, node clusters, and nodes list views. In a single click, you can now start, stop, redeploy, and terminate stacks, services, and containers from within their list views. You can also terminate nodes, or upgrade a node to a newer Docker version (if available) without leaving the Node list view.

New Repository Settings tab
With the new Repository Settings tab, you can now change the privacy setting of a repository (for example, to change it from public to private). A new Delete Repository option is also available in this tab. (Don’t worry - we include a confirmation step that requires you to enter the name of the repo to confirm the deletion. No foot-shooting here!)

New Repository Permissions tab
A new “Permissions” tab is available for repositories that are shared within an Organization. This allows members of the owners team to quickly grant access to a repository to other teams. Check out the docs to learn more about creating teams and organizations, and assigning access to resources.

Faster builds!
We’ve improved the speed of the Docker Cloud Build Service with several updates to the builder provisioning process, which has resulted in builds finishing a full 2 minutes earlier! To check out your build execution time, navigate to a repository with an automated build configured, and click the Builds tab to view the build activity graph.

Specify multiple Docker tags in a single build rule
You can now create multiple Docker tags (in the same repository) from a single build rule. In the Build Rules section, enter the desired tag name(s) in the Docker Tag field separated by a comma (e.g. latest, 1.1 or {sourceref}, latest). When the build successfully executes, the specified Docker tags are pushed to the Docker Cloud Registry.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • A status indicator now appears in the left navigation bar to keep you in the loop during outages and maintenance.
  • The way errors are displayed was improved in the Service Wizard, import registry dialog, and Node Cluster Wizard.
  • An issue was fixed that previously prevented a service from reusing an existing volume on redeploy.
  • The account gravatar (profile picture/avatar) now updates correctly when switching between organizations and user namespaces.
  • A Default Repository Visibility setting has been added to Cloud Settings and can be set to either public or private.
  • You can now invite users to a Team by entering an email address in the “Add user” dialog.
  • The tag list view now refreshes correctly after you delete a repository tag.

Try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-The Docker Cloud Team

(Ryan Kennedy) #2