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Docker Cloud Release Notes (2/7/2017)


(Ryan Kennedy) #1

Docker Cloud Users,

The latest Docker Cloud release is now available with expanded filtering capabilities, single sign-on (SSO) integration, automated build system optimizations, plus improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback.

Container and Stack Filters

Quickly find containers and stacks by name with the new keyword filters in the Container list and Stack list views.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

When you login to Docker Cloud with your Docker ID, you are now seamlessly logged in to Docker Store and Docker Hub. Similarly, when logging out of Docker Cloud, Docker Store, or Docker Hub, you are automatically logged out of all properties.

Automated Build System Improvements

A number of optimizations have been added to the automated build system that powers Docker Cloud to further improve stability and quality of service. We also recently passed our 10 millionth build! :tada:

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • An issue was fixed in the Service Wizard that prevented users from adding the same port number with a different protocol.
  • The “Launch service” button is now only visible (on the General tab) for repositories containing tags.
  • The Teams list view now paginates correctly when clicking through pages.
  • Services are now properly filtered when paginating through pages after searching for a service using the keyword filter.
  • The Stack Wizard copy has been updated to include more informative messaging.
  • An issue was fixed that prevented users from using the “Create and deploy” stack option.

Try out the latest updates to Docker Cloud and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

-The Docker Cloud Team

(Ryan Kennedy) #2