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Docker Cloud repo builds are very slow

(Dusterio) #1

Hi guys!

Is anybody else experiencing very slow builds? Every second (or more) of my builds hangs for 20+ minutes during cache download stage:

‘Pulling cache layers for

It’s kind of annoying - I can commit to Docker registry myself within a minute, instead I have to wait for 20+ minutes.

(Dusterio) #2

I switched to building on my own nodes, this brought the delay down from 20+ minutes to just 4 minutes, with cache turned off (it’s not supported on own nodes yet).

Seems like an ok workaround, but obviously I would love faster builds on Docker infrastructure

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(Dusterio) #3

Feels like Docker Cloud builds are running on modem connections. Today even npm install fails:
npm info attempt registry request try #1 at 5:00:36 AM
npm http request GET
npm info attempt registry request try #1 at 5:00:37 AM

Shouldn’t Docker just remove this feature completely to save embarrassment?

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(Darrel O'Pry) #4

Our normal build times are 20 minutes… The build itself isn’t kinda slow relative to local, the real delay is pending… We often wait 20-30 minutes for builds to start. In the interim we’re going to explore moving our builds to our CI. The security analysis stuff seems cool and all… but the speed thing is a big deal for our automated deployment pipeline.

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Has anyone from Docker Cloud ever replied about those complaints? It’s really annoying