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Docker Cloud Slack connection failing

(Mahmoud Saada) #1

Browser console error when I click “Connect” after pasting the webhook url in the slack input field:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (BAD REQUEST) ?d41d:106900 Unhandled rejection ActionableError at t ( at new t ( at r ( at at Array.forEach (native) at s ( at From previous event: at Object.createSlackIntegration ( at H ( at at t.value ( at m ( at u ( at at at Object.r ( at a ( at Object.s [as executeDispatchesInOrder] ( at f ( at p ( at Array.forEach (native) at n ( at Object.processEventQueue ( at r ( at Object.handleTopLevel [as _handleTopLevel] (

(Ryan Kennedy) #2

Thanks, @saada- we’re working on a fix!