Docker:command not found after installing Docker desktop on Mac

Hi ,
After installing Docker desktop on my Mac ,I am getting “command not found” error whenever I am trying to run any docker command like “docker --version”

I am kind of new to Mac. I tried to check below things:

  1. PATH variable:
    /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin:/usr/bin:/bin

2.Desktop icon is showing docker is running. -l /usr/local/bin/docker gives this output:
lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 54 May 8 15:37 /usr/local/bin/docker -> /Applications/

4./Applications/ has a file called “docker”.

Please help me what I am missing.

Last update:
If I run this:
/Applications/ --version
Then it is giving result.
Docker version 19.03.8, build afacb8b

I had the same issue. I ran Docker Desktop from the Applications folder and it finalized the setup. I was a bit surprised that the installer did not complete the required installation.

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THIS!! Thank you. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I actually needed to run Docker desktop to make the symlinks or whatever. ty!

I am having this issue with v20.10.5 Running Desktop Application did not resolve the issue. I did all of the same checks initial user listed above, with the same results.

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