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Docker container increasing size by 1gig everyday

(Wattltimber) #1

I have installed mongodb and meteor on an Amazon Instance EC2. my main challenge is that the container is increasing in size everyday and am running in short of disk space. I really need your assistance here, am running in short of disk space now.

(Nathan Le Claire) #2

Well, is your app itself using a lot of disk space?

Should you be using a volume where you are not right now?

Can you provide a minimally reproducible example?

(Wattltimber) #3

Hi Nathan. Am running meteor and mongodb. They are not occupying any significant space. If i check the container size its only 309MB, and the only running container is mongodb. What do you mean to say can you produce minimum reproducible example. Please help to get you this inormation. Am newbie in this.

(Junius) #4

It is probably mongodb log keeps growing. By default, mongodb does not rotate the log. See mongodb log rotate. You would need to send the SIGUSR1 signal to mongod.

You could write a script that sends the rotate signal to mongod and remove the old log files. is a simple reference script. You could write a simple cron job or script to call it periodically like every 30 minutes.