Docker container is not able to restart or delete after windows 10 update 1709


After my windows update 1709 all of my containers fail to restart or even fail to delete.

Here is the log

PS D:> docker rm 07a9f42588a2 -f
Error response from daemon: driver “windowsfilter” failed to remove root filesystem for 07a9f42588a243bf1974c18f3888a60c389e3687eae05e775cbbb48e89290b3b: rename D:\docker_data\windowsfilter\07a9f42588a243bf1974c18f3888a60c389e3687eae05e775cbbb48e89290b3b D:
docker_data\windowsfilter\07a9f42588a243bf1974c18f3888a60c389e3687eae05e775cbbb48e89290b3b-removing: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

I already tried to rename it but still getting the same error. I have 3 containers running and all of them are failing.

Anyone has any suggestion that i can tried to fix these?


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Did you try with "docker rm -f -v " to explicitly remove the associated volume ?

Did tried that but I still get the same error! :frowning:

I guess you are already aware that any images you used prior to 1709 are not compatible ?

o I do not aware that images prior to 1709 will be not compatible !

Give this article a read and you will see that you cannot launch containers from images based on previous builds even with hyper-v isolation. So you will need to download 1709 compatible images, then update and re-launch your services …