Docker CPU Usage


I have a question like this;
I have 2 x E5-2698 V4 processors in my computer. The total number of processors in both processors is 80.
But when I check with “docker info” command, I see CPUs : 40. I can’t see 80.

I did an experiment like this;
I installed VMWare Esxi on the computer and set all the processors to the Windows image.
Again, I saw CPUs:40 with the “docker info” command in Windows with 80 processors.

This time I reduced the number of processes to 64. The “docker info” command showed CPUs:64.
On the 3rd try, I made the number of processors 70. This time CPUs:35 came out.

It is as if the Docker application does not see more than 64 processors. If there are more than 64 processors, it uses half of it.

I set .wslconfig. I made the number of processes 80 but it didn’t work.

How can I overcome this problem?
I want it to use 80 processors in my computer. How can I do it?
Because only docker is running on the computer. He has no other job.

Docker Desktop inherits this restriction from WSL. Docker Desktop can not bypass the restriction of WSL. It needs to be fixed in WSL.

Have you tried the forum search before posting this topic?
You should have found Docker Desktop not using all cpu, which has a link to the according github issue.